Jobs Academy New South Wales

Your next step

Equipping NSW women with the knowledge and connections to return to work and thrive.

What is FW Jobs Academy?

Jobs Academy is a year-long, virtual program that equips you with the knowledge and connections to return to work and thrive.

The program is flexible, self-paced and - thanks to NSW Government funding - completely free for participants.

Jobs Academy was created by FW, an organisation that makes work fairer, better, and more accessible for women.

On acceptance into the program, you'll receive access to everything you need to kickstart your return-to-work journey.

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What's included in the program?

Your Dashboard

Access important announcements, upcoming events and a library of written, video and podcast resources to support your search for work.

A Learning Hub

A bank of self-guided courses that will help you articulate your skills and strengths, update or create a resume, navigate an evolving job market and more.

Mentoring & coaching

Delivered through small group workshops, inspirational webinars, and hosted by professionals who will boost your confidence and clarity.

Jobs & Skills Fairs

Webinars that connect you with employers, training organisations and pathway programs in a live online environment.


Join our supportive Facebook community and receive a virtual ticket to the FW Leadership Summit, held in March.

About Jobs Academy

Jobs Academy is an FW initiative that is returning in mid-2024 thanks to funding from the NSW Government.

Jobs Academy was conceived during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, which saw women reducing their hours of work or stop working altogether at a faster rate than men.

Recognising that the pandemic was prompting economic and workforce changes that threatened women's equal participation in work, FW launched Jobs Academy.

Since then, Jobs Academy has evolved to support employers who want to boost the number of women in their workforce or are facing serious labour shortages. The program contributes positively to Australia's productivity and is helping reduce the gender employment gap. Its mission remains to support women who face barriers to work, find meaningful, secure and flexible jobs.

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Our vision

That every Australian woman who wants paid work can be securely employed in a supportive and flexible environment, regardless of her personal circumstances or background.

Hear from our participants


"Being made redundant last year affected me beyond expectation: right to my core. Jobs Academy, the Community Connect Sessions and the small group mentoring sessions with incredible participants and mentors made me appreciate I wasn't alone, and I have more to contribute to the world in the future."


"The mentoring sessions, employer webinars and all the training webinars have been the most relevant and useful that I have ever had access to."

"Connecting with amazing people and believing in myself in finding the next dream job is something I couldn't have done without Jobs Academy."


"Hearing from and connecting with other women experiencing the same challenges has boosted my confidence. I feel I'm less alone in this journey of trying to build and grow a professional career and while juggling caring responsibilities."

Working hand-in-hand with industry

We partner with employers and recruitment agencies that are committed to creating supportive environments and helping women get back to work after a career break.

Proven results

The Jobs Academy pilot program has demonstrated both overwhelming demand and success.


Reported increased confidence


Started the job search


Secured a job and/or commenced study